DNA Sequencing

Sample preparation


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Samples are sent to BioGenomica in 0.2 ml PCR tubes. Filling in our sequencing order form is compulsory and can be printed from here.

Check the table below for the exact concentration required depending on DNA type.
DNA TypeDNA concentration (ng/ μl)Total quantity (ng)
Purified PCR product20100
Unpurified PCR product-1000
Primer volume2 μl per sample*
Primer concentration10 pmol/ μl


  • *Sending us primers in excess is not recommended. Primers will not be stored upon analysis completion.
  • A clearly annotated copy of the electrophoresis image for the PCR products to be sequenced is recommended.
  • Make sure that sample tubes are clearly annotated, packaged accordingly and transferred safely.
  • BioGenomica S.A. offers the universal primers T3, T7, M13F(-21), M13F(-47), M13R, T7 Term with no additional charge.
  • All DNA is sequenced on the ABI 3730, which has a 48cm capillary array, a faster turnaround time and can read up to 900 bases.
  • Results are sent electronically (e-mail/ fax/).
  • BioGenomica S.A. offers specialized technical support. Please contact us either via phone, or e-mail.